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  •  Work With .22 Caliber Rifles and Airsoft Guns
  •  4X Magnification
  •  20MM Objective Coated Lens
  •  10.6″ Scope Length
  •  0.75″ Scope Tube Diameter
  •  Fit 9-11mm Rail
  •  Military Style
  •  Adjustable Windage and Elevation
  •  High grade aircraft aluminium body
  •  Install in seconds
  •  Comes with Dovetail Mount and Lens cover


  • Ideal for target shooting, small game or vermin hunting
  • Fast, accurate aiming at up to 200 yards
  • Simple design, easy to use, ideal for beginners and more advanced shooters alike

PLEASE NOTE: This item is not shipped to Brazil due to military laws preventing scopes and rifles etc.

$9.99 with free postage, ships within 29 days.